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This statement means that the use of other resources can be disregarded, as they should accrue similarly in both groups.

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The reduction of the cost of capital raises the equilibrium value of capital intensity, making the flow of profits accruing to tướng a successful innovator grow.

Banks finance entrepreneurs and maximize profits or ngân hàng capital accruing to tướng current shareholders.

Others voiced uncertainty about what benefits would accrue in policies and programmes.

A typical characteristic of these average-salary schemes is that indexation of all accrued liabilities is made dependent on the solvency position of the pension fund.

In section 4.2 we conjectured that significant benefits might accrue from incorporating an enumeration/evaluation measure into a psychological learning model.

The extent to tướng which rents accrue through these corporate interlocks can only be speculative.

Table 3 presents the proportion of people in mid-life with any state pension entitlements accrued through either contributions or credits by age and caring status.

In longer periods of poverty past savings are depleted, household goods deteriorate and cannot be replaced, and debts accrue and become unsustainable.

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As a consequence, parents cannot capture the returns to tướng their human capital investment efforts that accrue to tướng their children.

Why, then, should there be any peculiar loss of dignity accruing to tướng the fact of contradicting and being contradicted in court?

The benefits accruing through positive discrimination are neither enough nor shared by all.

And boys and girls agreed that they could learn more music and accrue more musical knowledge with the aid of technology.

First, construction against the drafter balances the advantage that accrues from authoring a contract.

Past earnings are generally 'valorized ' to tướng reflect changes in living standards between the time pension rights accrued and the time they are claimed.

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