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Even before its completion, full-page colour advertisements appeared featuring a photo-realistic view of the new church and the soaring tower.

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This space is donated in the interests of high standards in advertisements.

Such advertisements also make it possible to tướng follow the evolution of prices and to tướng become acquainted with eighteenth-century editorial practices (subscriptions, rights and pirated editions).

Thus, this dataset represents the closest thing to tướng a universe of advertisements that exists for these races.

The introduction of advertisements in the movie depends on the organisation of the movie scenario.

Usage is illustrated by means of texts, advertisements, cartoons, proverbs, lyrics, and interviews.

It is at once a declaration of saintly power, an imaging of the shrine's history and an advertisement of the kinds of services available there.

The plan is unusual in that it contains an appendix of 19 page-long advertisements for local businesses, including retailers, shipping lines and engineering firms.

Blockbusters have become part of the advertisement strategies of corporate sponsors.

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By the late 1840s the khuông and motifs of traditional topographical advertisements were no longer reconcilable with the ambition and scale of new manufacturing practices.

To raise awareness the committee distributed 10,000 circulars and spent £100 per week on advertisements in fourteen different newspapers.

He includes in this category: advertisements, songs, drama troops, comedy storytellers (rakugo), and comedy duos (manzai).

I calculate a proportion because the raw number of advertisements varies wildly across races and thus some kind of standardization is in order.

Finally, in the classified advertisements markets both buyers and sellers competitively negotiate on a multilateral basis for limited resources.

Many different characters may perform the music in different contexts; it may be heard in association with animated continuity sequences, in cartoons and in advertisements.

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