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Correlations were moderately high b 0etween fatigue and diff iculty falling asleep r .612!, early awakening r 0.596!, and sleeping fewer hours r 0.507!.

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The invisible chokra who pulled the punkah rope outside was falling asleep in the glare.

Among other sleep disorders, four patients noticed difficulties in falling asleep in each group, and one patient had excessive daytime sleepiness in the modafinil group.

Attribution and the maintenance of behaviour change in falling asleep.

Falling asleep is bad, but being too enthusiastic is obscene.

Imagine a political scientist who fell asleep twenty-five years ago.

In the first instance, the dragon is seen falling asleep.

The wife is already asleep in the armchair, and the children have been sent out for a nice long walk.

The children were able to tướng read, draw, or listen to tướng music, but were not allowed to tướng fall asleep during the testing.

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In this sense of visual consciousness, we can contrast being visually conscious with being asleep or with being blind.

He went right up on the top, wrapped himself in his sleeping skins and pretended to tướng be asleep.

True, it is non-aggressive, but falling asleep is almost as bad as getting up and walking out - in both cases, one ends up completely absent.

Anxiety was moderately correlated with diff iculty falling asleep r 0.572!, not feeling rested r 0.416!, and diff iculty stay ing asleep r 0.376!.

He remains asleep in the chair, immobile and insignificant.

He was given foot reflexology and promptly fell asleep.

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