behind nghĩa là gì

The cups of all guests where displayed on the wall behind the host.

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Democrats stand behind the right of every woman to lớn choose.

It seems that when their father died, he left some bitter enemies behind, enemies who would love to lớn see his daughters fail.

This allows him to lớn finally put his feelings behind him.

However, the areas behind the market still contain the old, narrow streets.

Yet they remain small as optimum public-private financing arrangements lag behind.

But the masses still lag behind and probably will for some time.

Not surprisingly, older respondents lag behind these numbers.

As it moves off the comet, it tends to lớn lag behind a bit, following the comet in its orbit.

However, these districts lag behind considerably with respect to lớn the number of scheduled commercial ngân hàng branches.

People would come to lớn the chapel and leave behind things such as eyeballs.

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However, the unprotected silicon regions can be etched, and the photoresist stripped, which would leave behind a patterned wafer for creating the stamp.

A few of us leave behind objects judged, at least temporarily, worthy of preservation by the culture into which we were born.

They often leave behind an inflamed red mark.

They leave behind the fixed positively charged dopants near the junction.

Now, researchers have used a new imaging technique to lớn look behind the painting -- and they've discovered a secret portrait.

Look behind the statistics and the news becomes even more alarming.

To look behind us, we'll first need to lớn project forward.

For this we need to lớn look behind and beyond the last decade.

But the look behind the curtain started much earlier.

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