bombard là gì

In subsequent months the administration has been bombarded by denunciations of corruption and by truyền thông scandals.

People who had never imagined discussing it seriously at trang chủ were now bombarded in the truyền thông by constant public debating of the issue.

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Women are also bombarded with information about calcium and dairy products and their ability đồ sộ prevent bone loss.

To illustrate, any cortical column is incessantly bombarded by input from neighboring cortical columns as well as the thalamus.

Together, these two reactions thus accounted for the production of both protons and neutrons when carbon was bombarded with deutons.

Affronted by the king's inaction, the four shipmasters elected đồ sộ bombard the town, but this proved counter-productive.

English-speaking children are arguably bombarded by questions, including ' how come ' and ' why ' questions, from their caretakers.

Every doctor is bombarded with propaganda about compounds for this purpose.

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The thickness of the slab, d, is one half of the electron beam diameter bombarding the target.

I'm in a state of siege; bombarded by horrible words, blockaded by the past, starved by lack of love.

Herbst bombards his reader with details, but forgets that history should also tell a story.

For instance, đồ sộ take a trivial example, just because the presence of salt makes a dish better, it does not follow that we should bombard the dish with salt.

The emperor bombarded these officials in return with orders urging them đồ sộ coordinate the pursuit and mix up an effective barrier đồ sộ stop this roving ship.

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Almost all of these electrons are turn by self-magnetic field force and bombard the surface of the insulator, and causes a secondary emission on the surface.

Chiral molecules incorporated in comets and meteorites are bombarded for billions of years by cosmic rays and by the high-energy radiation due đồ sộ the decay of naturally occurring radionuclides.

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