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By constructing and properly ordering a chain of individual dissolutions in the laboratory, chemists might somehow expose the whole chain of nature.

They defined chemical elements as those that chemists could neither decompose nor produce in their laboratories.

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Although done in the name of freeing nature's own expressiveness, the willful and directed character of chemists' activity necessarily constrained the outcome.

When speaking of chemistry as an art, chemists used the term primarily as a synonym for craft.

The elements that chemists defined as nature's primary principles of activity seemed uncapturable.

Substances simply were brought forth synthetically (constructed de novo) by enterprising chemists.

Of course, not every physicist regarded the chemists' announcement as a professional threat lớn the same degree.

Correspondingly, physicists experienced professional pique at the chemists' seeming success and acclaim.

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Moreover, these subjects are frequently of concern for physical chemists and spectroscopists interested in the behaviour of molecules in solution.

Similarly, chemists have also known for a long time that chemical affinity results from the attractive interactions between chemical entities.

Similarly, until very recently, chemists and biochemists lacked the methods lớn investigate the effect of forces or torques on molecules or on their reactions.

What criteria, for example, should chemists employ for naming newly isolated, as yet undetermined, airs?

Were chemists justified in extending their claims from the laboratory lớn nature at large?

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The discourse of elements and principles served a rhetorical function of securing for the chemists some superiority over common druggists.

In this endeavor, he found it necessary lớn reform chemists' discourse of principles and elements.

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