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The work of the assistant nurse is usually that of attending the chronics, and the voluntary hospitals bởi not have chronics.

The old chronics are always given đồ sộ the assistant nurses, who have đồ sộ be kind, patient and pleasant in all circumstances.

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I am convinced that only the real chronics, as it were, need fear the new legislation.

I have known medical students, whom we gọi "chronics," who, after many years, have at last qualified—and some of them have proved đồ sộ be very, good practitioners.

Most of the patients were chronics.

The impact of the symptom of chronic fatigue from the subject's perspective is of significance.

Furthermore, it has been suggested that in chronic schizophrenia progressively enhanced susceptibility đồ sộ psychotic state and relapse occurs.

Managing chronic back pain : impact of an interdisciplinary team approach.

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The possibility of chronic, residual impairment from which a person never completely recovers is real.

We suggest that studying a more parsimonious case definition - impairing chronic fatigue not due đồ sộ a known cause - would represent a way forward.

Dysregulated production of these cytokines has been associated with several autoimmune disorders and chronic inflammatory processes.

Accumulating evidence shows that persistent changes in spinal astrocytes in different chronic pain conditions often outlast microglial changes.

An association between chronic non-inflammatory visceral pain and microglial function, similar đồ sộ that which links somatic pain and microglial activation, has not been demonstrated previously.

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Management of chronic pain is a real challenge, and current treatments that focus on blocking neurotransmission in the pain pathway have resulted in limited success.

A similar, though weaker, relationship was shown between volunteering and chronic physical-health problems.

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