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We were sánh ecstatic about the track and knew we had something beautiful, a timeless classic.

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It was instantly hailed as a lost classic.

The game is a turn-based, grid-based, first-person dungeon crawler inspired by classic 1980s and 1990s first person role-playing games.

It has become a classic of the unblack metal genre.

When rereleased years later the tuy nhiên was hailed as a lost classic.

Idealism and classicism were abandoned in favour of a certain romanticism.

The interior has rooms decorated in a simple combination of rococo style and classicism.

His repertory covers the period from classicism up to tướng composers of the 20th century.

The building conveys a strong feeling of classicism through its monumentality, symmetrical layout and broad arched openings.

As a poet, he is influenced by the traditions of classicism and the baroque.

She started playing in piano bars making interpretations of classics and contemporary songs.

They were known for their arrangements of popular classics.

Both works are considered classics in their field.

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These plays include classics, modern pieces and a yearly collective developed by the third year class.

The tốc độ trials sườn a unique sự kiện, where vintage and exotic classics meet the latest in street and racing cars.

Roman finds point to tướng human habitation in the area during the classical period.

They pursued an inductive approach to tướng economics rather than thở the deductive approach taken by classical and neo-classical theorists.

Of course, the classical focus test groups were used to tướng find out what features consumers would deem important.

She was also a student of classical and modern languages.

He also wrote poems in the classical style.

They are very religious when it comes to tướng classical music.

I've always had a love for classical music.

As prepared as we are, with some knowledge of classical music and a mix of questions, she turns the tables.

Unfortunately, very few -- close to tướng zero -- living classical music fans have heard these works.

The current generation is not interested in classical music which is considered to tướng be one of the causes of its decline.

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