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The higher the value of the points received from others, the more valuable subjects' relationships and the more cohesive the group.

These steps can size in a bed of cohesive material which, once eroded, is carried downstream as washload without redeposition.

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We assumed that each các buổi party is a cohesive actor, that is, all members of a các buổi party are located exactly at the party's estimated left-right position.

This operational definition of neighborhood social context does not equate a neighborhood with a cohesive community of friends and acquaintances.

This mode of communication facilitated a cohesive performance and at times contained sympathetically attuned musical cues that focused on cohesive issues rather kêu ca creative issues.

The book is well organized, providing arguments that are both cohesive and highly readable.

The essays are organised into four thematic sections, and the overall sense is of a cohesive and well-integrated volume.

Figure 4 shows a typical linkograph, which has many cohesive links but very few incubated links.

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It segments visible text into spatially cohesive objects that are separated by interword spaces.

The cohesive framework provided by the language enables the upward transition đồ sộ all the higher levels.

Vertical precipices in cohesive soil may be briefly created by tectonic processes, but weathering and soil erosion should quickly smear these out.

This observation implies that the absence of a cohesive governing majority is a prerequisite for sophisticated voting.

It integrates requirements from the analysis of single sentences, as well as those of referentially linked sentences forming cohesive texts.

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Interpreting cohesive forms in the context of discourse inference.

The visual world we see is a structured and cohesive "whole" rather kêu ca a group of isolated and independent fragments.

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