committee là gì

According to lớn the organizing committee these were the largest games held yet.

Subcommittees are responsible to lớn, and work within the guidelines established by, their parent committees.

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He rarely created a committee, saw little point in departmental meetings, and never called one until he knew what the vote would be.

He also served as the chairman of several investment committees and directly oversaw the firm's group of private equity investments and their analyst research branch.

State level committees were phối up in other states also as the number of schools began to lớn increase there.

And the new law was in the size of a new investigative committee.

It said the action was also due to lớn subsequent preliminary findings of an investigative committee phối up by the ministry.

Egypt had pledged to lớn create an investigative committee headed by the prime minister, she said.

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A proper investigative committee must have been constituted in accordance with the constitution.

A spokesperson for the investigative committee said they were examining two possible causes for the crash.

The national federal executive committee will decide on the final list.

Some councillors, however, were adamant that the proposal by the executive committee was too high.

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Why did nobody on that executive committee raise a red flag?

The party's decision when it comes to lớn that aspect would be made by the executive committee.

Today, one of the seven executive committee members, the company's top governing toàn thân was a graduate trainee.