compliment là gì

When we deferentially compliment someone, we speak in strict accordance with the rules, whereas our verbal insults gain emphasis when violating the rules of dialogue.

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There are eleven blood glucose meters available, each with different features to lớn compliment the complex needs of individual patients.

It is harder to lớn think of analogous compliments, sweet nothings, or creative compromises.

Second, while a number of the contributors emphasise that greater transparency must compliment economic liberalisation, the full implications of this are not worked out.

The reader may be gaining an impression that this text is being written to lớn criticise, not to lớn compliment.

While there are gender differences, large cultural discrepancies were not detected in the respondents' perceived likelihood of giving compliments.

For despite its fulsome praise, the note was at its core as much a threat as a compliment.

Being told that one does not look one's age is meant, and is usually taken, as a compliment not an erasure of one's personal history.

Although compliments such as these can arouse suspicion among high-brow readers, they are not meant as blurbs for the back cover.

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That is one of the highest compliments one can give a book.

The authors and press are to lớn be complimented on the variety of fonts used, generous manipulation of space and attractive use of page design.

Moreover, she is even a bit self-effacing at the over of the exchange, thus countering the compliment.

This is, of course, a compliment to lớn the author's work.

The result then is a request for preferment that is dressed as a grand compliment.

A compliment, a request, an invitation - all require the listener to lớn respond appropriately on the next turn.

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