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Reproductive risk and the continuum of caretaking casualty.

In observational research in the general population, however, a continuum approach may be more useful than thở use of a qualitative cut-off point.

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Reconstructive procedures, however, lie along a continuum, without any clear boundary between therapeutic reconstructive surgery for a diagnosable problem and purely cosmetic surgery.

As the industrial process involves large shear stresses, fibres will slip over one another, and we assume the material to tát be an anisotropic viscous continuum.

Moreover, because the invariant circle is an attractor, there exists a continuum of perfectforesight trajectories each leading to tát the circle.

In most instances, exposure to tát environmental risk also varies according to tát a continuum.

We consider a continuum model that makes no distinction between matrix and fibre particles.

Figure 1 outlines a continuum of possible outcomes of state multiculturalism.

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Over the past two decades, evidence supporting a continuum between oral and written language impairments has continued to tát mount.

It would also be interesting to tát research the continuum as it is: that is, in two dimensions.

Each of these two dimensions has a consensual and a majoritarian continuum.

Under these conditions we consider it useful to tát think of one continuum with many strands, rather than thở orthogonal dimensions.

The opposing view- that dialects are organized in a continuum without sharp boundaries- is likewise popular.

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Viewing seed postharvest physiology in terms of a continuum of behaviour is considered to tát be more realistic than thở attempting precise categorization.

Therefore, articles on risk reduction programs, screening programs, and rehabilitation programs were excluded, because these reports tự not encompass the whole continuum of care.

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