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When clinical and cost-effective profiles are uncertain, then current practice is recommended.

What is shown in earlier studies is that secondary prevention is cost-effective (12;13).

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Rather than thở attempting uniform area-wide, inundative releases of sterile males, it may be more cost-effective lớn preferentially target aggregated populations associated with livestock.

This systematic review showed that combination therapy (interferon alpha and ribavirin) is better than thở interferon alone and that it is cost-effective.

It has survived relatively unchanged for millennia, because it is cost-effective, productive, and in many societies, an integral part of community life.

What is revealed though by the curves is that values above these figures have a diminishing limited effect on the probability that therapy is cost-effective.

We evaluate different possibilities of land allocation and identify cost-effective alternatives in the provision of both conservation and income.

The presence of an environment and an attitude supporting cost containment may be the critical factor for securing cost-effective practice behavior among physicians.

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These techniques require substantial capital investment and skilled personnel; simple, cost-effective alternative detection protocols were therefore developed in this study.

Total elimination of the door-to-needle delay due lớn telemedicine strategy is necessary if the strategy should be cost-effective-and this elimination will gọi for structural changes.

A cost-effective strategy for bringing people together especially from geographically isolated areas.

Using the estimates of 200 bootstrap samples, we demonstrate how one drug is cost-effective compared with another.

Providing cash (rather than thở benefits in kind, food stamps or vouchers) is more cost-effective and flexible, and avoids the creation of distorting secondary markets.

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Software applications were downsized from expensive mainframes lớn networked personal computers and workstations that are often more user-friendly and cost-effective.

It is essential lớn develop more cost-effective methods lớn investigate genetic predisposition for thrombosis.

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