cousin nghĩa là gì

The operation was so sánh successful that he reportedly helped to lớn put two cousins through school as well.

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Her studies demonstrated that in this region, a quarter of the marriages involved first cousins whose parents were themselves siblings.

The latter two vì thế not have any suffixes as they have different middle names than thở their ancestors, great-great-grand-uncle, and cousins.

However, the former corporate cousins still maintain a news partnership.

Most are designed with straighter sides than thở their stovetop cousins and include a lid.

However, the animals are instinctively hostile to lớn dogs and their cousins: wolves and coyotes.

But unlike its desktop-orientated cousins, it has also been given a core boost.

I remember many nights of playing hide-and-seek with the cousins while our parents played mahjong!

It's something our kids use with their cousins all the time.

The cousins say they're grateful for the old-timers who have shared their expertise along the way.

She was a lovely woman, my wife's first cousin, she came home page very frequently.

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This style statement of the '60s, '70s and even the '80s, was a first cousin to lớn imitation wood paneling.

As adults, the children born from first cousin marriages are at increased risk of miscarriage or infertility.

But we'll always remember her as the girl who made out with her "first cousin" while dressed as a mouse.

Yes, honesty is the first cousin of humility.

My mum and all her sisters quý phái and also all the first cousins... so sánh, it just transferred on to lớn us.

Not only did she have eight siblings, but she also had 33 first cousins, many aunts and uncles and a wide circle of friends.

Indeed, two of the most no-nonsense members on both sides of the political divide are first cousins.

The babies were born just 14 hours apart and are first cousins.

He's married to lớn two of his first cousins, right?

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