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Enzymes are then used in different industrial processes.

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In the synapse, these receptors serve very different purposes.

In the early 1920s, two different state routes in the initial state route system.

These metal strips are tuned vĩ đại different pitches, and are plucked vĩ đại produce a bassline for the music.

They have taken part in numerous fundraisers and service project for more than vãn 30 different organizations.

If two or more teams were tied on points, places were determined by goal difference and, if still tied, by goals scored.

The difference between the religions surfaced once again.

The difference between transfer value and true value is regarded as the gift value for the purposes of.

Significant differences were found between the latter two methods.

The difference is easily seen when the fish is still small.

If the ears are located at the side of the head, interaural level differences appear for higher frequencies and can be evaluated for localization tasks.

The differences of production, distribution, producers, evasion techniques, and status are explained in figure one.

No host-encoded properties were found vĩ đại determine scrapie agent strain differences.

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I mean serious differences which in their opinion threaten their essential liberties...

This can be repeated using multiple selections of the construction mix and the resulting models averaged or used vĩ đại evaluate differences in predictions.

Use of these annotation symbols is subjective, as different annotators use the same symbols differently.

Some people may perceive certain objects differently from others, ví cartographers try not vĩ đại use symbols that could be easily confused.

Android devices tư vấn emoji differently depending on the operating system version.

Because mammals (except for marine mammals) can not easily cross large bodies of water, the evolution of placentals happened differently on different continents.

Although it is a structural analogue of tacrolimus, it acts somewhat differently and has different side-effects.

Scholars may differ on the way the region is divided.

Freshwater crayfish embryos differ from those of other crustaceans in having 40 ectoteloblast cells, rather than vãn around 19.

If only one spin orbital differs, we describe this as a single excitation determinant.

It differs from a regular tower in that its primary use is military, and from a turret in that it is usually a freestanding structure.

The shape of skulls differs considerably between specimens, with variation in ornamentation and bony projections.

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