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English documentaries of this period always featured an individual or a group, whose eyes guided the gaze of the viewer.

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An underlying paradox exists within our work: we make music, dance, theatre, documentaries, etc. because we want vĩ đại provoke, delight, educate, entertain our audiences.

Right from the 1950s, this can be seen in documentaries seeking vĩ đại place a comic, sentimental or lightly ironic framing on their subjects.

Museums, interactive science centres, television documentaries, toys and books have become artefacts for popular understanding of scientific facts.

What ensued from that debate became a mythic moment that resonates throughout countless memoirs, documentaries and commentaries on the period.

However, documentary's images, interviews and commentaries work largely within the terms of display and exposition.

Here, biographical documentaries, with their directly personal focus, have drawn extensively on music vĩ đại establish both tone and circumstance.

The book covers fiction films as well as documentaries, and in a non-traditional move it does not address them as separate epistemic genres.

She has featured in newspaper articles and television documentaries.

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Missing from this community, however, are children; a younger generation could reveal how this language is changing at the moment of the documentary's production.

His 'academic' presence provides a 'quality control' which can often be missing in popular books and documentaries.

In this instance you would vì thế a lot of reading, watch films, documentaries on the subject?

The way in which the pupils appraised their work included portfolio documentaries in which they were invited vĩ đại comment both on the quality of the process and product.

Another feature distinguishing stand-up comedy and documentaries was the proportion of time the viewer sees a large face looking at the camera: high for stand-up comedy, low for documentaries.

In these cases, the role of the architecture has largely involved mix design and scene backdrops, or been the subject in architectural documentaries.

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