duality là gì

Duality can be exploited đồ sộ solve problems, by considering simultaneously two perspectives-the primal and dual view of the problem.

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These translations take the size of a duality: they turn argument-driven computation into demand-driven computation by exchanging input and output throughout, turning terms 'inside out'.

An interesting aspect of this duality is that it exchanges functional and imperative features.

Thus, in the proper topological setting for graphs that are not locally finite, duality extends in all its main aspects.

However, in general, duality is not yet well understood for problems involving constraints other than vãn inequality constraints.

We propose taking advantage of the duality between prediction and compression.

This duality was often expressed in neighbouring sentences, providing an opening for selective quotation.

Joncieres argued earlier, for example, that 'duality' was a feminine trait.

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The aphoristic nature of most of the tracks, however, precluded much depth in exploring this duality.

There is a duality here that we are not exploiting.

Attunement, in effect, overthrows the duality between composer, performer and listeners, a perspective that computer and electroacoustic music technologies can reinforce by facilitating access.

Their fiercely enacted fantasies may even erode some of the ideological power of bodily-indexed binaries and naturalised dualities.

The article demonstrates how the duality of business interests, reinforced by corporatist institutions, easily breaks down business convictions and unity.

This duality implies that ambiguous effects are possible, as with government consumption.

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