dupe là gì

Then he dupes many of the remaining guards into accepting exploding cigars primed vĩ đại explode within 90 seconds.

If it has been good you're sad it's over, and if it ends badly you're quite likely vĩ đại feel that you've been duped.

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He was a swine of a man and a jabbering dupe of a president.

Both plays feature an innocent girl who loves a man above her station in life and is duped by a sham marriage ceremony.

The subordinate groups needed not vĩ đại be seen merely as the passive dupes of the dominant class and its ideology.

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Shame on you for not seeing this and continuing vĩ đại allow yoursel vĩ đại be duped.

They can be duped into buying contraband ivory by reusing identification cards that come with legally sourced carvings.

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Voters should never be duped by misleading materials.

He said the people could not be duped.

The clients are also vĩ đại blame for letting themselves be duped.