fe3o4 + hi

Fe3O4 contains both Fe2+ and Fe3+ ions ví it can react with hydroiodic acid very easily. Let us know some facts on the reaction between HI + Fe3O4.

FeO and Fe2O3 can be used đồ sộ create Fe3O4. Magnetite is the mineral’s native size. It is the most magnetic mineral that can be found on earth and has magnetic properties. HI is a colorless gas with an unpleasant smell.

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In this article, we will learn about the intermolecular forces, redox reaction, conjugate pairs, etc of the reaction between HI + Fe3O4.

What is the product of HI and Fe3O4?

I2, FeI2, and water are the product formed when HI reacts with Fe3O4.

                       HI + Fe3O4 = H2O + I2 + FeI2

What type of reaction is HI + Fe3O4?

HI + Fe3O4 is a redox and precipitation reaction where FeI2 is precipitated as a salt.

How đồ sộ balance HI + Fe3O4?

We have đồ sộ follow the following steps đồ sộ balance HI + Fe3O4

  • First, write down the general equation for the reaction.
  • Then we determine the state(s, l, g, aq) for each reactant and product.
  • Since HI is a strong acid ví it can completely dissociate into its constituents ion in an aqueous solution.
  • After that balance the number of moles of each element on either side of the equation.
  • After that the reaction is balanced and the balanced reaction is given as –

                        8 HI (aq) + Fe3O4 (s) = 4 H2O (l) + I2 (aq) + 3 FeI2 (aq)

HI + Fe3O4 titration

HI + Fe3O4 titration is performed by taking strong acid in a burette and Fe3O4 in a conical flask. The titration can be conducted by following the procedure below-

Apparatus Used

Beakers, a wash bottle, a stirrer, a pipette, distilled water, a conical flask, a volumetric flask, and a pipette.


Phenolphthalein is used as the main indicator đồ sộ detect the kết thúc point of the titration.


  • Fe3O4, which is a base is taken in an aqueous solution in a conical flask and it is then titrated with a strong acid lượt thích hydroiodic acid which is standardized.
  • 1 or 2 drops of phenolphthalein is then added đồ sộ it.
  • It is then titrated with a known concentration of the base. After that solution of HI is added đồ sộ the solution of Fe3O4 drop wisely until the solution turns pink and the endpoint is determined.
  • After that, we note down the volume required đồ sộ neutralize the hydroiodic acid solution.
  • The above steps are repeated three times until three consistent readings are made.

HI + Fe3O4 net ionic equation

The net ionic equation between HI + Fe3O4  is –

2 H+ + 2 I + Fe3O4 = Fe 2+ + 2 I + Fe3+ + H+ + OH

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To write the net ionic equation the following steps must be followed:-

  • Write the balanced equation for the reaction.
  • Then write down the physical state of each reactant and product.
  •  8 HI (aq)  + Fe3O4 (s)= 4 H2O (l) + I2 (aq) + 3 FeI2 (aq)
  • HI is a strong electrolyte ví it will dissociate completely đồ sộ size 2 H+ and 2 I+ ions.
  • 2 HI (aq) = 2 H+ + 2I
  • On the product side of the balanced equation, FeI2 dissociates into Fe2+, Fe3+, and 2 I.
  • Thus the net ionic reaction is obtained.

HI + Fe3O4 conjugate pairs

HI + Fe3O4 reaction has the following conjugate pairs-

  • For HI, the conjugate base pair is I.
  • Fe3O4 ­has a conjugate pair of HFe3O4

HI and Fe3O4 intermolecular forces

HI + Fe3O4 reaction has the following intermolecular forces-

  • The forces acting on hydroiodic acid are London forces and dipole-dipole interactions.
  • Fe3O4 has only covalent force because of its non-polar nature.

HI + Fe3O4 reaction enthalpy

HI + Fe3O4  reaction has positive standard reaction enthalpy and the overall reaction enthalpy for the reaction is 891.47 KJ/mol. Since, ΔH⁰f (reaction) = ΣΔH⁰f (products) – ΣΔH⁰f (reactants)  so we can calculate the standard enthalpy as follows-

ΔH⁰f (reaction) = [ 4*(-68) + 41.57 + 3*(-109.5) ] – [ 8*(26.5) + (-1118.4 ], which is equal đồ sộ 891.47 KJ/mol.

Is HI + Fe3O4 a buffer solution?

HI + Fe3O4 reaction is not a buffer solution because Fe3O4 is not a basic salt.

Is HI + Fe3O4 a complete reaction?

HI + Fe3O4 is not a complete reaction because ferric and ferrous iodide are not formed.

Is HI + Fe3O4 an endothermic reaction?

HI + Fe3O4 reaction is endothermic as the reaction enthalpy is positive.

Endothermic reaction

Is HI + Fe3O4 a redox reaction?

HI + Fe3O4 is a redox reaction as both oxidation and reduction are occurring simultaneously.

Is HI + Fe3O4 a precipitation reaction

HI + Fe3O4 is not a precipitation reaction as FeI2 is miscible in water.

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Is HI + Fe3O4 irreversible reaction?

HI + Fe3O4 is an irreversible reaction and as it can only occur in forward reaction.

Is HI + Fe­3O4 displacement reaction?

HI + Fe3O4 is not a double displacement reaction as the reaction does not size any ferric iodide and ferrous iodide in the product side of the reaction.


Fe3O4 containing both Fe2+ and Fe3+ is used as a đen sì pigment known as Mars đen sì. FeI2 is used as a catalyst in an organic reaction. Fe3O4 serves as a catalyst in both the water-gas shift reaction and Haber process.