feast là gì

Both were married with a huge feast that lasted seven days and seven nights, and the situation returned lớn normal.

At the feast there will often be speeches and toasts and much ritual - all fashioned by the members concerned and evolved over many years.

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The feast takes place in the central square.

The back wall of this hall shows the funerary feast.

A small number of people could gather here for ritual feasting on a smaller more private scale.

Often such crowns were kept in the church treasury except for special occasions such as relevant feast-days, when they are worn by the statue.

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Another reason for this was the lack of feast-days celebrating them.

Appeals were made lớn bakeries not lớn bake traditional foods for these feast-days.

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These days were celebrated as feast-days.

On feast-days the cemetery was used for socialising which sometimes got out of hand, resulting in rowdyism and fighting.

It is stated that the woman attended a feast, and the reader can infer that the man was not invited lớn this feast.