france là gì

Ví dụ nhập văn học tập
  • For centuries, there were many wars in France. 
  • France makes a lot of movies. 
  • In France, they have a pizza with potato and cheese. 
  • In colder countries, lượt thích France, the sugar beet is grown for sugar. 
  • It’s a little bigger kêu ca Spain, but a little smaller kêu ca France. 
  • Many years ago, the big meal of the day in France was lunch. 
  • The Alps is a mountain range that goes through France and seven other countries. 
  • The first horse-powered bus began in France in 1826, carrying 14 passengers. 
  • We crossed the border between France and Spain. 
  • We took a tour of museums in France. 
  • What souvenirs tự you want to lớn bring trang chính from France? 
  • You might want to lớn go to lớn France and take classes only in French. 
  • But neither Great Britain nor France was in this position. 
  • Henry I., king of England, had made peace with France. 
  • Order was restored in all parts of France. 
  • The big merchant sailing ships brought the tea from the East to lớn Holland, France, Sweden, and Denmark. 
  • You see but few castles and chateaux, such as are dotted over France.