friendly nghĩa là gì

All were the result of friendly fire, booby traps, disease, or frostbite.

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His mates are here, it's friendly and it's his territory.

Their wives are friendly with one another and their children go đồ sộ the same schools.

If something goes wrong, you need a friendly mission where you can go back and not have đồ sộ worry about an insurrection or something.

She is friendly, and tries đồ sộ stay happy in any situation.

When people talk about friendships, they often express social distances from their friends with words used đồ sộ describe spatial distances.

She quickly isolates herself from the other girls, saying that she doesn't need friends, because it's a competition, not a get-together.

They asked people in friendships and romantic relationships đồ sộ think about the last time their friend or partner did or said something unexpected.

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She likes đồ sộ hốc out with her friends and is a bright one.

Generally, friending allows the friends of a user đồ sộ read protected entries and causes the friends' entries đồ sộ appear on the user's friends page.

Not only they but everyone around them, against their will, are brought into the craziness of war which divides them from family and friends.

Although they may seem very real đồ sộ their creators, children usually understand that their imaginary friends are not real.

She then persuades him that his friends will eventually move on, and suggests they get back together.

The two become friends, but the narrator hides her guerrilla lifestyle.

Aided by friends, he pursued the girl onto the desolate moor.

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