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However, it is expected that the price for gallium will gradually grow.

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And there is a microprocessor inside, probably has gallium in it.

New materials, such as gallium arsenide, carbon nanotubes and graphene, are showing huge promise as replacements for silicon.

For example, 4g smartphones use 6 vĩ đại 10 times more gallium phàn nàn a regular cellphone just several years before.

It is powered by two body-mounted gallium arsenide solar panels and a nickel-hydrogen battery.

A minimum 100 gallons is required vĩ đại house this fish its whole life.

The vehicle burns đôi mươi percent less fuel while running, with 4.61 gallons (17.45 liters) per hour used while stationary.

The lake volume is 98 billion gallons of water.

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The restaurant sold the frozen lemonade by the glass, quart, and half gallon.

Her major leak, through the engine room hatch, had been slowed vĩ đại one gallon every đôi mươi minutes.

This test procedure typically involves two tests performed in connection with each other: an iodine uptake test and a scan (imaging) with a gamma camera.

For the operator vĩ đại remain invariant, the gammas must transform among themselves as a contravariant vector with respect vĩ đại their spacetime index.

The space on which the gamma matrices act is a now a space of spinors.

Most of the design of a typical fallout shelter is intended vĩ đại protect against gamma rays.

In gamma decay, a nucleus decays from an excited state into a lower energy state, by emitting a gamma ray.

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