glasses là gì

He is green-skinned, with orange hair, thick glasses, and a bulbous nose.

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Her glasses with oversized frames also started a trend in the 1970s.

During the latter part of the night, sleep overcame him and the glasses fell and broke.

Though the character does not have a lisp, or the uni-brow, the huge glasses and the not sánh neat hair remain.

His truck was found later that morning, and his glasses were nearby.

Between each window is a semi-circular gilt console table above which are pier glasses adorned with crystal sconces.

He resumed his painting at the kết thúc of the war, and also began working on frescoes, glass art, and mosaic art.

The specialists developed a software program that uses google glass to lớn track finger shadows as someone types in their password.

To make the sự kiện safer, all glass is removed from the vehicle, and deliberately ramming the driver's-side door area is forbidden.

The roofs were covered vitrified tile over book tile while the dome was covered with gilt glass tiles.

I had never seen anything lượt thích those large glassfuls before.

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And you've got tao drink a glassful every 10 minutes until it's finished.

I poured myself a tiny liqueur glassful, and drank it.

However, sadly it will not include drinking wine by the glassful, it will be consuming a compound found in red wine in capsule khuông.

Lift the meat out in to lớn a bowl and splash a glassful of water into the pan, stirring and scraping to lớn lift all the gunk from the bottom.

The crowd roars its impatience, thousands of people behind a curve of reinforced safety glass in the stands, raised high above the action.

The windshield is made of safety glass, and is one centimeter thick.

Most contain the original 1914 safety glass.

We've used acrylic, stainless steel, vinyl and put in a big safety glass mirror.

Windows have been put back in their original positions - although the panes in them are now safety glass.

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