greed là gì

Together they formed the impetus for greed and corruption, not democratic cohesion.

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For such a thought, lượt thích prayer, is easily contaminated by greed, obsessions, fears and self-destructive impulses.

First, if greed for office motivated the choice of a nominating strategy, then overnomination should have been general among the parties.

Fear, greed, ambition or ignorance prevented other observers at court from making such a record.

And then there is greed, which can be camouflaged under reasons that seem to tát be acceptable justifications.

Against a background of corporate greed and malfeasance, a renewed focus on transparency and accountability is or seems to tát be permeating the business world.

Revivalists thought the church bureaucracy was simply an excuse for elders' greed.

The cunning speculator who places bets on the victims' greed or gullibility has consequently received more attention than thở perhaps more exculpable, less glamorous, moral vacillators.

There wasn't much hubris and fear and greed in his theories.

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And it hasn't just been domination and greed all the way.

The primary focus on profit maximization, however, overlooks many nonprofit objectives involved in resource allocation and social preferences beyond greed.

The offer of a bounty preying on human greed brings in its wake its own dangers.

In their selfabsorption they have convinced themselves that ' greed is acceptable if it includes a cognate self-actualizing component ' (p. 24).

Despite her warnings he destroyed out of greed a tube that was dripping oil.

However, that will not happen, because the country is driven by capitalist greed, which in turn billows out war and violence.

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