halves là gì

The compiler added the relative ' qui' before ' misertus es' to tát liên kết the two halves of the introit.

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Splitting each clause into two halves of two literals each, we get a graph with n2 vertices and n2+ random edges.

Halves, quarters and eighths are more instantly recognizable and appear in most early numerate cultures.

The number of species was also reduced to tát 85 by omitting 10 species with few trees in the upper halves of their diameter distributions.

Even if it could be split (either accidentally or autonomously) into two autopoietic halves, there might be no self-copying involved.

The two halves of the trap look lượt thích a large, opened butter bean with long spines around the edges.

People still thought in halves, thirds and quarters and were generally more comfortable with fractions.

In order to tát assess serial position in terms of both initial position and final position, the nonword was divided into two halves.

The margin of the halves might curl, resulting in a boat-shaped structure.

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The two halves of the bladder are usually approximated creating a single exstrophied bladder.

The trunks divide into anterior and posterior divisions, which separate the innervation of the ventral and dorsal halves of the upper limb.

The upper and lower halves of each figure depict the real and imaginary parts, respectively, of the appropriate vorticity component.

Only sounds with results other phàn nàn 0.999 are shown in two halves.

The pieces were then split at the moment of stasis into two separate halves, or 'cells'.

In that respect, the two halves of the book are not fully integrated.

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