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Motoring and xế hộp maintenance was another hobby enjoyed by twelve haemophiliacs and a few mentioned fishing, bowls and golf.

The elderly residents may concentrate on things that they are still able and permitted đồ sộ master - daily routines, hobbies and linguistic rituals.

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The health effects of solitary leisure activities, such as mainly home-based hobbies or watching television, are however inconclusive.

They specifically referred đồ sộ personal hobbies, taking up voluntary work, and participating in different activities at centres for elderly people.

They neglected their homework and had no hobbies.

People live active lives far beyond retirement; our families, friends, hobbies, and sometimes professional careers, too, continue đồ sộ make our lives worthwhile.

College students are able đồ sộ choose their major fields of study; adults are able đồ sộ choose their careers and hobbies.

Gardening, too, was a favourite hobby, but neither swimming nor bicycling were as popular as might be expected.

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On exceptional occasions, questions were asked about the father's hobbies.

Factors associated with a decreased risk included active participation in organizations and having a hobby.

Similarly, friends may điện thoại tư vấn or special hobbies may be taken up which will compensate for the loss of stimulation.

The decrease in hobby activities was only seen among women.

If a hobby has tangible benefits, such as lower blood pressure or reduced risk of relapse, ví much stronger the motivation đồ sộ bởi it.

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Do you have any special interests or hobbies?

The concept of "hobby" presupposes a sharp dividing line between work and recreation.

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