information là gì

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gather/get/obtain information Can you tell u where I can obtain further information?

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 for more information (also formal for further information)

For more information visit

 for your information

(also FYI)

used to lớn say that you are telling or giving someone something because they might not know or have it and it could be useful for them:

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Các ví dụ của information


It also happens through information exchange that allows the emergence of cognitive distinction between players.

Authenticity arguably has a further dimension, beyond the information and autonomy requirements, namely richness.

Organic systems assimilate information about the world mediated by their internal structure.

The local press company may offer publications that cross-subsidize the provision of political information that supports the state.

A basic requirement in studies of the benefits of a psychological treatment is information on the conduct of the therapy itself.

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Little information is available on how much time was spent on labour activities once pupils had left school.

She argues, then, that learners incorporate phonological and distributional information to lớn arrive at adult syntactic representations.

The third issue is that of predictable information in lexical representations.

They distinguish a lexical network in which word sườn information is stored from a semantic network in which perceptual knowledge and conceptual knowledge are represented.

This model represents the process involved in the translation of words in context using lexical information.

Therefore, they must cope with the problem of representing very diverse lexical information at different levels of granularity, and store the information efficiently.

However, to lớn obtain the variance matrix, the true parameter values are replaced by their estimates and the information matrix is inverted numerically.

The reported information on the sườn thus might not correspond to lớn the reality of facts.

No information was requested about the parents themselves.

Space is left above the stack for responses to lớn requests for information such as types.

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