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He taught design for several years as a part-time lecturer, and is a prolific published architectural critic.

The reality is that most university lecturers on healthcare programmes have limited time allocated vĩ đại maintain direct clinical practice workloads.

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The teaching programmes after all reflect the research horizon of the lecturers.

It is clearly impenetrable for the average undergraduate but lecturers and postgraduate students might benefit from it somewhere, particularly those on the left.

They included government officials, lawyers, doctors, teachers, college lecturers, journalists, managers in multi-national corporations or in smaller private concerns, computer software personnel, engineers and scientists.

Ample opportunities are offered vĩ đại lecturers vĩ đại enrich courses on curriculum design.

During the anatomy demonstrations, experiments, and discussions, nobody was vĩ đại disturb the lecturers or the auditors by talking, laughing, or otherwise making a noise.

Only items approved by a linguistics lecturer were used vĩ đại make sure that the items addressed material taught vĩ đại the students.

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The book fills an important gap and should be accessible vĩ đại geology students let alone their lecturers and course planners.

So let us remind ourselves what happened (all of which a lecturer on the subject of modern architecture and industrial art must constantly repeat).

He is from a middle class background and is a lecturer in education.

Evaluating the effect of a lecturer's language background on a student rating of teaching size.

This statement will size the basis of a clinical tutorial with the student's peer group and clinical lecturer, in the clinical setting.

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It was only natural that they became the benefactors, masters/deans, resident teachers and frequent guest lecturers of these old classic learning institutions.

The other chapters are written by lecturers, senior lecturers and professors eminent in their multidisciplinary fields.

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