magician là gì

The magician told the child she had hurt her hand and asked the child đồ sộ get a band-aid from a backpack.

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Then, while putting the magic toys away, the magician accidentally broke a toy.

The surrealists took up some of the psychic work of the magicians.

It is the very simplicity of the illusory sequence, the shorthand summary that circumvents all the poor magician's toil, which makes the trick sánh compelling.

Western magicians were forced đồ sộ respond đồ sộ this new market.

His life story is well documented, not least by the magician himself.

After conducting the autobiographical questionnaire, the interviewer announced that she was a magician and asked the child đồ sộ be her assistant.

The trick involves a man (magician or fakir) who throws into the air a rope which remains upright and continues đồ sộ rise.

The trick is completed when the magician or fakir restores the fallen man đồ sộ his former, live, and complete self.

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Maybe, but there are many other accounts of modernity that would not fit her readings of the magicians as well.

More importantly, the magicians themselves produced psychologized, modern-sounding versions of their experiences.

The spelling of the word magician, for example, roughly approximates its sounds.

Here, the magician gives the impression that he has made a mango tree grow from seed before the audience's very eyes.

He arranges for a magician đồ sộ conjure visions of these scenes in order đồ sộ relish watching the crimes as they happen in real time.

The magician needs special pockets, props, and equipment, and develops wiles đồ sộ misdirect audience attention from the real sequence.

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