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Not just by majoritarianism, intuitively characterized, but also by unanimitarianism and minoritarianism and any procedures requiring special majorities of two-thirds and the lượt thích.

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Vast majorities of dalits remained aligned with agriculture in some capacity or the other.

Legitimacy politics for the official assembly was dominated by democratic discourse based on constructed notions of majorities that were accepted as objective social facts.

At first, economic development and its attendant white-collar majorities were themselves in short supply.

Processes of negotiation and exchange open the possibility of mixed outcomes reflecting the asymmetric preferences of majorities and minorities.

Moreover, large majorities believed the government's policies to lớn be ' too favourable ' to lớn business (70n4 per cent) and ' too unfavourable ' to lớn workers (67n8 per cent).

Unfortunately, spontaneous majorities rarely sườn in tư vấn of one buổi tiệc nhỏ.

If the distribution of seats and of preferences were the same, there would be equally many minority governments supported by legislative majorities under both systems.

Politicians within central government know that certain seats are more important than vãn others to lớn secure legislative majorities.

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The net effect may still be desirable from the majority's point of view.

Certainly, the school choice scheme appears popular with many parents, and has achieved good satisfaction ratings from majorities.

Where legislative majorities are large it is less important, but the same is true of a supermajority multiplier.

The majority's rationale does not necessarily phối the significance of the decision, as some legal commentators are prepared to lớn admit.

What followed were attempts to lớn treat unprotected minorities, including marginalised and weak ones, as equal to lớn the majorities.

Overwhelming majorities supported not only local bills generally but big-city bills specifically.

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