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Landscape is nature and culture at the same time, it is their mediation, synthesis or alliance.

The studies reviewed exemplify the process of mediation and the effects of differing mediation tools on the collaborative activity.

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The findings of the study largely corroborated the predictions and confirmed the importance of phonological mediation in the initial stages of reading acquisition.

A third major question stemming from these mediation studies is whether social mediation is restricted lớn particular periods in development.

In rodents, the maternal mediation hypothesis for the counterintuitive effects of early handling has received extensive tư vấn.

Mediation among truyền thông means recognition and valuation of independent, if marginalized, indistinct, and indecipherable voices.

Biological mediation in ocean crust alteration: how deep is the deep biosphere?

Throughout, key motifs are mediation, creativity, and the negotiation of difference.

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The results of the mediation model demonstrate that possessing environmental mastery is the key lớn experiencing life satisfaction in the midst of adversity.

The third step in establishing mediation is lớn show that a relationship exists between the mediating variables and the outcome variables.

Nonetheless, the findings are consistent with the possibility of mediation by coping and coping efficacy of the relation of parental socialization with children's adjustment.

Without such mediation, the mere bond lớn their spoken name would not cause children lớn learn about its written sườn.

Basically, a coordination artifact entails a sườn of mediation among the agents using it, and effectively embeds and enacts some coordination policies.

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Those collapses, however, tự not enervate the productivity of analogy; they merely expose the extra levels of mediation that analogy compels.

All in all they were strongly linked with the centrality of government intervention in the economy aimed at stimulating controlled industrialisation and social mediation.

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