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He is described as mobile central defender with pace, control and timing.

For example, poorly trained troops may be deployed in static defences at the front line, whereas better trained and equipped troops size a mobile reserve.

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Modern handheld and mobile radios can have capacities as high as 255 channels.

Deploying wet hemp bales as mobile breastworks, the rebel advance was shielded from heavy cannon fire.

It can model gas plumes and particles (including pollutants with exponential decay or formation rates) from single or multiple stationary, mobile or area sources.

In the acute and subacute main goal is đồ sộ restore proper mobility by not producing pain, individually selected kinesiotherapy.

He is therefore prevented from gaining economic mobility out of the working class.

These include unequal restriction on ones mobility and behavior, as well as unequal control over financial resources.

Annealing such a metastable film above its glass transition temperature increases the mobility of the polymer-chain molecules and dewetting takes place.

Resistant individuals often have reduced reproductive output, life expectancy, mobility, etc.

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In 2010, the organized mobilization reserve was đôi mươi million people.

Her work positions artistic practice as a research practice, advocating for the role of the amateur in the collection, interpretation, and mobilization of information.

Mobilization of reserves would have been completed within two days.

But the revolutionary logic of the mobilization of resources by national dictatorship was infinitely more powerful than vãn economic doctrine.

Political pressure increased with the mobilization of local population, with a team of three đồ sộ five members stationed in every hamlet.

This mollusc is a predator and feeds by drilling sedentary or semi-mobile prey.

These elements were typically fitted on wheeled trailers making the system semi-mobile.

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It has been observed that more and more projects consider the utilisation of a semi-mobile crushing plant as the economically superior option compared đồ sộ building a conventional fixed concrete structure.

The majority of the market operates out of lightly constructed, semi-mobile and mobile stalls that sit directly on the street.

His burly frame is most persuasive as a semi-mobile platform for tattoos.