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Let us learn about a chemical reaction with unique mechanisms, exciting chemistry, and properties. Below is an explanation of the reaction between sulfuric acid and sodium sulphide.

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Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) is also known as the king of acids due lớn its extensive use in producing many compounds. Sodium sulphide, or Na2S, is a well-known inorganic chemical compound with the formula Na2S and acts as a base.

Now we can discuss the mechanism of the reaction, such as enthalpy, type of reaction, intermolecular force, conjugate pairs, product formation, etc., in the subsequent article.

What is the product of H2SO4 and Na2S

H2SO4 and Na2S will be produced by the reaction between phosphoric acid and sodium sulphide as mentioned in the below-mentioned reaction.

  • H2SO4 (aq)+Na2S (s) = Na2SO4 (s)+ H2S (aq)

What type of reaction is H2SO4 and Na2S

H2SO4 and Na2S are a double displacement reaction when the cation (sodium) of sodium sulphide and the anion (Sulfate) of sulphuric acid switch positions, and the formation of new compounds takes place.

How lớn balance H2SO4 and Na2S

H2SO4 and Na2S balance reactions are as follows:

H2SO4 + Na2S = Na2SO4 + H2S

Further, the reaction between H2SO4 and Na2S is balanced using the following steps:

  • First, the reaction between the aforementioned reactants must be established.
  • H2SO4 + Na2S = Na2SO4 + H2S
  • Coefficient of the individual chemical molecules are labeled as,
  • H2SO4(a), Na2S (b), Na2SO4 (c)and H2S (d)
  • Count the number of hydrogen (H), Sulphur (S), oxygen (O), and sodium (Na) on both the reactant and product sides. That gives


Coefficient at Reactant sideElementCoefficient at the Product side
Coefficient of reaction on both sides of the reaction
  • Now equate the number of elements from both the reactant and product sides.
  • This yields the balance equation
    • H2SO4 + Na2S = Na2SO4 + H2S

H2SO4 + Na2S titration

H2SO4 and Na2S will yield acid base titration when a standard solution of Na2S is titrated against H2SO4 in the presence of an indicator. Several apparatus, conditions, and procedures for the titration are discussed below:

Apparatus used

Burette, burette stand, volumetric flask, conical flask, and beakers.


Bromophenol xanh lơ serves as an indicator


  • First, wash all the apparatus with clean water, and dry it in the oven
  • Then make known the normal solution of Na2S and H2SO4 using molar equations
  • Fill the burette with acid till the 50ml mark and take 10 ml of Na2S in a conical flask.
  • Add a few (3) drops of indicator in a conical flask.
  • Titrate the base against acid by slowly adding acid into it dropwise.
  • Mark the reading of the burette when colure of the solution turns yellow lớn xanh lơ.
  • The reading will tell about the neutralization point of the solution.
  • Repeat the process in triplicate lớn record concordant readings.

H2SO4 + Na2S net ionic equation

H2SO4 and Na2S net ionic equation of is

2H+ + S = H2S+

  • Separate reactants and products into ions lớn determine which are spectators. Which is
  • Na2S (aq) + H2SO4 (aq) = Na2SO4 (aq) + H2S (g)
  • Here first split the strong electrolytes into ions (the complete ionic equation) which is
  • 2H+ + SO42- + 2Na+ + S = H2S + 2Na+ + SO42-
  • Now cross out the spectator ions on both sides of the ionic equation
  • 2H+ + S = H2S+
  • This yield the net ionic equation, which is
  • 2H+ + S = H2S+

H2SO4 + Na2S conjugate pairs

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H2SO4 and Na2S reaction has the following conjugate pair.

  • The conjugate base of H2SO3 is HSO3– (bisulfite anion)
  • Conjugate pair of base Na2S is Na2+ (sodium ion)

H2SO4 and Na2S intermolecular forces

H2SO4 and Na2S reaction has the following intermolecular forces,

  • H2SO4 and Na2S element, H2SO4 is bonded via cầu xin der Waals dispersion forces, dipole-dipole interactions, and hydrogen bonding.
  • Na2S has positive lớn negative intermolecular forces due lớn its ionic bond.

H2SO4 and Na2S reaction enthalpy

H2SO4 and Na2S reaction enthalpy is -296.83 KJ/mol which is negative as the energy has been released from the reaction.

Is H2SO4 + Na2S a buffer solution

H2SO4 and Na2S can not make a buffer, as H2SO4 is a strong acid and Na2S is a strong base in neutral conditions.

Is H2SO4 + Na2S a complete reaction

H2SO4 and Na2S are a complete reaction as they utilize entirely one of the reactants.

Is H2SO4 + Na2S an exothermic or endothermic reaction

H2SO4 and Na2S reaction is exothermic in nature.

  • The reaction of both elements will release heat in the khuông of energy and can be calculated.
ElementEnergy in kJ/mol for element
The energy of individual molecules for the calculation of enthalpy of the reaction
  • Reactant = -369 kJ/mol + 814 kJ/mol = 1183
  • Product = 287.8 kJ/mol + -20 kJ (g) = 307.8
  • Enthalpy= Product – reactant = -875.2
  • Which is negative, resulting in the release of energy resulting in an exothermic reaction.

Is H2SO4 and Na2S a redox reaction

H2SO4 and Na2S is not redox when phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid react.

+2 -1         +2 -1         +2-1         +2-1

Na2S         + H2SO4    =              Na2SO4     + H2S  

Is H2SO4 + Na2S a precipitation reaction

H2SO4 and Na2S reactions are not precipitation reactions as hydrogen sulphide gas that has been produced is being released.

Is H2SO4 + Na2S reversible or irreversible reaction

H2SO4 + Na2S reaction is not a reversible reaction. The equilibrium cannot be shifted backward as H2S is released from the product.

Is H2SO4 + Na2S displacement reaction

H2SO4 and Na2S reaction is a displacement reaction because of another displaced element from each compound. 


The production of sodium sulphate and the evolution of hydrogen sulphide gas resulted from the displacement reaction between sodium sulphide, a salt, and sulphuric acid, a strong acid. Exothermic in nature, the process releases energy and is irreversible in nature.

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