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Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) absorbs water vapors from atmosphere and becomes concentric and, Sodium bisulfite (NaHSO3) is a white solid. Let us talk about the H2SO4 + NaHSO3 reaction.

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H2SO4 is a strong colorless acid with high viscosity, miscible in water with another name oil of vitriol, used for mineral processing, chemical analysis, and oil refining, and NaHSO3 is a white or yellow crystalline salt which is highly soluble in water and used if food industries as an additive compound.

In the following sections of this article, we will discuss the product, conjugate pairs, and intermolecular forces of attraction with net ionic products with detailed explanations.

What is the product of H2SO4 and NaHSO3

NaHSO4 (sodium bisulfate), SO2 (sulfur dioxide), and H2O (water) are the products when H2SO4 and NaHSO3 react together.

H2SO4 + NaHSO3 = NaHSO4 + SO2 + H2O

What type of reaction is H2SO4 + NaHSO3

The reaction of H2SO4 and NaHSO3 is a combination reaction because the product, NaHSO3 is formed by combining the dissociative ions of H2SO4 and NaHSO3 with SO2 gas and water.

How đồ sộ balance H2SO4 + NaHSO3

The equation is balanced using the following steps-

H2SO4 + NaHSO3 = NaHSO4 + SO2 + H2O

  • Name the reactants and product with alphabets A, B, C, D, and E
  • A H2SO4 +B NaHSO3= C NaHSO4 + D SO2 + E H2O
  • Modify the atoms with suitable numbers.
  • H –> A, B, C, E, Na –> B, C, S –> A, B, C, D, O –> A, B, C, D, E
  • Multiply the coefficients with suitable numbers
  • A = 1 ,B = 1 ,C = 1 ,D = 1 ,E = 1
  • To write a final equation reduce the lowest integer value.
  • Thus the balanced equation is –
  • H2SO4 + NaHSO3 = NaHSO4 + SO2 + H2O

H2SO4 + NaHSO3 titration

H2SO4 cannot be titrated with NaHSO3 because during the reaction SO2 gas is liberated along with H2O due đồ sộ which it is not possible đồ sộ calculate the unknown concentration and endpoint of NaHSO3.

H2SO4 + NaHSO3 net ionic equation

The net ionic equation of the reaction H2SO4 + NaHSO3 is –

2H+ + SO-4+ Na+ + HSO3– = Na+ + HSO4 + SO2 + H+ + OH

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To derive the net ionic equation following steps are used

  • Write the full reaction with the states
  • H2SO4 (l)+ NaHSO3 (s) = NaHSO4 (s)+ SO2 (g)+ H2O (l)
  • Splits the atoms, into ions.
  • Thus the net ionic equation is –
  • 2H+ + SO-4+ Na+ + HSO3 = Na+ + HSO4 + SO2 + H+ + OH

H2SO4 + NaHSO3 conjugate pairs

  • The conjugate base of H2SO4 is HSO-4.
  • Conjugate acid of NaHSO3 is H2SO3 after the deprotonation of base NaHSO3.
Conjugate pairs

H2SO4 and NaHSO3 intermolecular forces

  • The strong electrostatic force with covalent bonds are the intermolecular force present in H2SO4.
  • NaHSO3 has hydrogen, covalent and coordinated intermolecular force within it.

H2SO4 + NaHSO3 reaction enthalpy

The reaction enthalpy of H2SO4 + NaHSO3 is -133 kJ/mol.

H2SO4-814 KJ/ mol
NaHSO3 947.68KJ/mol
Table showing enthalpy of formation
  • Thus total enthalpy is
  • (-814 KJ/ mol) – (-947.68KJ/mol) = -133 kJ/mol.

Is H2SO4 + NaHSO3 a buffer solution

H2SO4 + NaHSO3 is not a buffer solution because NaHSO4 is amphoteric in nature which will not allow the pH đồ sộ increase phàn nàn 7.

Is H2SO4 + NaHSO3 a complete reaction

H2SO4 + NaHSO3 is a complete reaction. The product formed is NaHSO4 which is a complete complex of a chemical compound with the liberation of SO2 and water .

Is H2SO4 + NaHSO3 an exothermic or endothermic reaction

H2SO4 + NaHSO3 is an exothermic reaction as product of the reaction is NaHSO4 with the libration of SO2 gas the solution gets heated up.

Is H2SO4 + NaHSO3 a redox reaction

 H2SO4 + NaHSO3 is not a redox reaction because atoms are in the same oxidation state both in the reactant and product side.

Is H2SO4 + NaHSO3 a precipitation reaction

H2SO4 + NaHSO3 is not a precipitation reaction as the product NaHSO4 is highly soluble in an aqueous medium and does not get precipitated.

Is H2SO4 + NaHSO3 reversible or irreversible reaction

H2SO4 + NaHSO3 is an irreversible reaction because the product NaHSO4 is soluble in water and cannot be reversed as a reactant.

Is H2SO4 + NaHSO3 displacement reaction

H2SO4 + NaHSO3 is not a displacement reaction. The combination of H2SO4 + NaHSO3 forms the product without displacing any atom, ion, or molecule.


H2SO4 is an strong acid used đồ sộ determine various chemical properties of chemical compounds and used in industries for the refining of sugar and oil. NaHSO3 can be used as an reducing agent in cosmetic industry and as decomposer in bleaching industry.

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