patience là gì

This patience derives from understanding that the intervention will have little impact if it is forcibly imposed, an insight that develops during a speaker's life.

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This is a book exhibiting great industry and immense patience with its subject matter, but it hardly excites.

For example, application forms are not sent and not processed or processed with exceedingly long delays in the hope that the applicant loses patience.

In this article, we analyze the simplest abandonment model, assuming that the customer's patience is exponentially distributed.

Therefore, a theory of endogenous changes in patience is something different from a theory of marginal rates of substitution.

But these indirect methods are often painstaking and limited by time, patience, and the availability of patients with selective impairments.

It risks being boring and trying the audience's patience, but succeeds in drawing humour from a blend of anticipation and surprise.

Consider that with tolerance and patience, we godly demons may breed a noble world in a few hundred generations or so sánh.

The value of patience has đồ sộ be added đồ sộ the discounted value of the consumption string.

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Their patience, however, frayed as the arrearages came đồ sộ be measured in years rather than vãn months.

However, the road đồ sộ fruitful negotiations with public institutions is often long and winding, and must be traveled with patience.

Patience is a personality trait + an attribute or ability.

So too would cheerfulness and patience in the face of absolute disaster.

Also, when the questions become more complex and involve many databanks, assembly of the data needed exceeds the skill and patience of most biologists.

If the consumer conceives patience as an attribute or ability that he desires for its own sake, he might rationally take steps đồ sộ acquire it.

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