prioritize là gì

It prioritizes community needs yet is based on a willingness to lớn target interventions at the individual, community or systems level.

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Team leaders used confidence data to lớn prioritize tasks in light of changing requirements.

Thus, most analyses are undertaken at their request, prioritized according to lớn their urgency and feasibility.

Patients are prioritized solely on the basis of a medical assessment of severity.

In order to lớn select among and prioritize the many possible conservation projects, benefit-cost analysis is recommended.

Readers looking for a systematic approach, or even an attempt to lớn prioritize the existing findings more judiciously, are left disappointed.

Families that prioritized reading to lớn their child with reading difficulties may have been providing a richer literacy environment overall.

We deny, or at least prioritize in order to lớn function.

When general institutional facts about the law prioritize justice, this gives the demands that justice makes on the law a genuinely moral priority.

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In the rest of the paper, whenever there is no confusion, we will only consider ground prioritized (extended) logic programs without explicit declaration.

In comparison, both the second and third columns, prioritizing outer and expanding circle interactions, are relatively new and growing areas of research.

Trapped by a lack of resources homeless people profoundly experience society's inequalities, which has consequences for prioritizing goals.

When resources in the healthcare sector diminish, decision makers are brought face-to-face with difficult decisions of prioritizing treatment among patients.

Decision makers can use this information to lớn prioritize interventions should more resources become available for health care.

The critique against the counties was strong and the government argued that they prioritized other sectors at the expense of specialized medicine (hospitals).

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