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As one professor and six doctoral students, the authors co-taught a course on action research while doing a self study of their teaching.

Many professors run rẩy their graduate 'masters' classes as offices in which the students work on their projects.

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The discipline has its own professors and academic structure, its own journals and series of publication.

He was elected to lớn the position of assistant professor in 1980, associate professor in 1989 and professor in 1993.

Within the context of such a complex debate, what can evolutionary analysis add for law professors?

Or consider a phối of professors and administrators collaboratively designing the course schedule for the next year.

Useless professors and their useless sciences needed policing.

Policymakers, pundits, and professors have long debated the merits and demerits of such a proposal.

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Finally, only đôi mươi days before the vote, they settled on a college professor from the 4th district as their candidate for the next general election.

In addition, students gave professors customary presents on special occasions; these gifts, which could be quite onerous, were not disguised payments.

As a consequence, many of the professors failed to lớn bring up the subject of ethics altogether.

That is ví because you believe your professor is a more reliable source of information-about the information concerned in this dialogue, at least-than your friend.

A professor, for example, is not simply a toàn thân moving next to lớn books, committees, classrooms, and students.

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From all the good authors, our professors compose a summary of all the honey known and believed in.

Its membership of three hundred included landlords, learned law lords, and university professors.

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