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All good protagonists require a formidable foe, and the foe of modern portfolio theory is behavioral finance.

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Her protagonists resemble silhouettes or marionettes, who present angular and impenetrable exteriors.

Although he was not a wholly sympathetic or endearing character in the manner of most traditional heroes or protagonists, he did invite some reader identification.

Exacerbating this position, many of the drama's protagonists understand themselves as profoundly isolated by their exceptional situations (whether ennobled or degraded) and attendant emotions.

The brothers' attitudes toward institutions could be quite instrumental, a point vindicated by the institutional track record of the two protagonists.

In the instructions given vĩ đại the child the two protagonists of the films were first introduced.

The use of colorful language and superfluous details is further illustrated by the journalist's excessive mô tả tìm kiếm of the protagonist's appearance.

Unlike serious opera, comic opera was supposed morally vĩ đại instruct its audience by lampooning or making ridiculous the vices of its protagonists.

By means of this nhái homage, the festival re-enacted the sixteenth-century conquest and switched the roles of the protagonists by way of theatrical compensation.

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The ostensible relationship of present vĩ đại past is generally one of rejection as these female protagonists attempt vĩ đại define for themselves a new identity.

The principal protagonists were the students and the agitation was limited vĩ đại the western side of the đô thị.

The coding was carried out separately for the two main protagonists, the boy and the dog.

However, in this segment a variety of additional characters also appear who actively interact with one or other of the two main protagonists.

Are we vĩ đại suppose that they represent respectively the protagonist's ego and alter-ego?

The size in which the protagonist's inner world is presented has an effect on the organization of the relationship between film and viewer.

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