robbed là gì

The renewed fighting has shattered years of negotiations, but more importantly, robbed its citizens of trusting the other side and of the peace process.

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A pipe-maker was robbed of his muslin cravat, striped handkerchief, leather shoes and iron buckles.

Symonds' death robbed the project of a powerful figure; however, the greater part of the developmental work on the plywood was carried out after 1961.

The necessity of keeping alliance options open has robbed the parties of their ability đồ sộ make convincing ideological appeals.

Sometimes bandits robbed the rich because they had more đồ sộ be robbed.

It seems that on this train some of the prisoners themselves robbed the dead and dying of watches and jewellery.

The north of the town was swept by flames, and the inhabitants, having been robbed of all their possessions, suffered the same fate.

We were robbed of our most precious possession.

They were worried about being 'robbed' or tricked by people (including other farmers) replacing some of the product with petrol in the bottle.

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Those who still had some strength left robbed the weaker of what little they had and left them lying đồ sộ die of hunger and thirst.

Those who robbed the tombs would be sent đồ sộ the county officials for further investigation.

It was an insult đồ sộ its prestige đồ sộ be robbed by politics of a 'counter-revolutionar y' from a prominent family.

One was robbed of his horse and others suffered from a storm.

Wherever the problem of knowledge does not appear at the beginning of the consideration, it has already been robbed of its true force.

Nonetheless, the restoration of a stable political alignment in the aftermath of the presidential elections robbed the student movement of much of their influence.

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