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Secondly, the architecture of the đô thị, with its crowded housing, narrow alleys, balconies, and roof-gardens, enabled exceptional degrees of neighbourhood surveillance.

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Expected cases were estimated according to tướng data from laboratory surveillance during 1998-1999.

A more prudent selection and use of antimicrobial agents, in both humans and animals, and a continuous surveillance of resistance are essential in the future.

Annual surveillance summaries of animal rabies also suggest a persistent elevation in rabid cats following in the wake of the spreading raccoon epizootic.

An estimate of number of stools from general practice would be extremely useful as a denominator for other national surveillance systems facilitating international comparisons.

In addition to tướng encouraging drain trapping, the drainage manuals consistently exhort the householder to tướng adopt a rigorous program of sewer surveillance.

Firstly, passive surveillance generally identifies disease serious enough to tướng warrant seeking medical attention, and thus underestimates overall morbidity in the community.

In addition, increased surveillance on the part of the reception staff improved communication both between members of staff and between members of staff and patients.

However, in the first years of the surveillance (1989/90), the number of yersinia isolates was about twice as high as in later years.

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After the chiến dịch an intensive surveillance system was instituted and physicians were required to tướng notify suspected cases.

The use of serological markers of infection adds another dimension to tướng the surveillance of meningococcal disease.

Most outbreaks were reported in the 10 years after the introduction of enhanced surveillance suggesting under-ascertainment of outbreaks before this.

The four denominators reflect increasing amounts of information about the population subject to tướng surveillance that may be available.

Useful cluster detection systems should be able to tướng identify clusters of various size, shape, and duration, centred anywhere within the surveillance region.

The reality show's strategy of constant surveillance assures us that cast members are no more and no less kêu ca who they appear to tướng be.

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