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Then the synthesized type is used in checking the argument part of the application.

All of this has substantially improved the capability to lớn synthesize research findings.

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In fact, many women's texts are caught between contradictory definitions of femininity seeking to lớn either synthesize or transcend them.

Data on effectiveness and safety were synthesized qualitatively.

These modes correspond to lớn a bidirectional operational interpretation: a canonical term is checked against a type, whereas a type is synthesized from an atomic term.

In the approach presented here a designer is assisted in interactively synthesizing a scheme for a design specification.

The mechanisms by which magnetotactic bacteria synthesize intracellular chains of membrane-bound magnetite crystals (magnetosomes) are poorly understood.

This problem is in essence a problem of genetic programming that is aimed at synthesizing strategic maneuvers for the robot.

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In this manner, we synthesize an anti-swing feedback control law (simple), but instead of an exact time optimality, we obtain a quasi time optimality.

Secondly, the designer has no freedom to lớn synthesize the joint profiles based on tangible gait characteristics, such as walking tốc độ, step length or step elevation.

Secondly, the designer has no freedom to lớn synthesize the joint profiles based on tangible gait characteristics such as walking tốc độ, step length and step elevation.

Consequently, by synthesizing this part of the spectrum, we have obtained attosecond pulses in the reflected signal.

It attempts to lớn synthesize and explain important historical occurrences and patterns, of continuing relevance to lớn the modern world.

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There were attempts in the past to lớn synthesize an optimum mechanism which maximizes the workspace volume or produces a desired workspace sườn.

The ability to lớn withstand desiccation may also depend upon increased amounts (or a heightened capacity to lớn synthesize) molecules which stabilize membranes.

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