taken là gì

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to lớn take part in an imperial banquet

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to lớn take part in an imperial banquet

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to lớn take hold of sth or sb

túm lấy ai

to lớn take hold of sth or sb

túm lấy ai

Ví dụ về kiểu cách dùng

For the purposes of this essay, the term… will be taken to lớn mean…

Trong phạm vi bài bác đái luận này, định nghĩa... được khái niệm là...

There is a clearly defined pattern to lớn the graph, and this can be taken to lớn mean that…

Biểu đồ dùng thể hiện tại xu thế rõ ràng rệt rằng...

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Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

Foot length and girth are taken into trương mục.

Taken within a crematory, it is a response to lớn other post-mortem photography.

A purely real formulation has too few dimensions to lớn describe the system's state when superposition is taken into trương mục.

On it was footage taken by the three crewmembers on the morning they went missing.

First, the predictor determines the direction of the branch (taken or not).

Grammatical functions are taken over by a limited number of operator words and by the word order (syntax).

The tree's common name comes from its bark, which takes a greyish cast at about one year of age (see photograph).

Furthermore, the limbic system can become overloaded with negative information and in turn takes control of the brain.

He was one of the first critics to lớn take notice of the gramophone.

The hallway of the main pavilion takes you to lớn the foot of the covered stairs that lead to lớn the entrance of the tower.

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