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To prevent flicker, all analog broadcast television systems used interlacing.

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Promoting the rider on television or other truyền thông media may also bring in more money at the cost of training time.

She then hooks the receiver up to tướng a telephone headset and later to tướng a television to tướng listen for any sườn of radio communication.

He also started working on television, and became the first person to tướng appear in colour in 1969.

So any time we can work that into the show and maintain that in a television environment, it's very exciting for bu.

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The existence of a television tuner (nowadays, a digital television tuner) in a display device distinguishes it from a video clip monitorwhich receives signals that are already processed.

To receive older analog cable, most television sets sold are cable-ready and have an analog cable television tuner.

These types were and are still extensively used in television tuners, whose high carrier frequencies require only small changes in capacitance.

Electronic television tuners also went hand-in-hand with the rise of cable television.

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