uncle nghĩa là gì

Four uncles and three aunts had virtually no liên hệ with nieces or nephews and rarely saw any of them.

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Marriage đồ sộ the niece, or maternal uncle's daughter was permitted and was often considered the ideal marriage.

Thus disgruntled children could always turn đồ sộ uncles.

Accumulators too had fathers and uncles, and had đồ sộ tread carefully in their dealings with them.

However, the scientists' brothers were also classified for occupational status together with the scientists' paternal uncles and grandfathers.

After 1915, he was invited đồ sộ fill some of his uncle's engagements.

Until he was 21, he worked alongside his grandfather, father and uncles.

Both fathers and maternal uncles received some payments when a young woman married.

Young bachelors worked for their uncles from circumcision until marriage, with time allotted for them đồ sộ earn wealth for themselves.

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Thus, grandparents were turned đồ sộ more immediately phàn nàn aunts or uncles.

The remainder of the male caregivers included 68.7% biological fathers, 13.6% stepfathers, 2.7% adoptive fathers, 1.4% uncles, 1.4% grandfathers, and 2.0% other.

The approximate risk đồ sộ other relatives were 6% for half-siblings, 2% for uncles and aunts, and 2% for first cousins.

One of my dad's uncles was dead because of it.

The rest lived with more distant relatives such as uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces or cousins.

Gifts from uncles and grandparents were most common, but younger brothers, sisters, aunts and occasionally even cousins featured.

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