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The method used more extensively is the regression of heterozygous viabilities on the sum of the viabilities of the corresponding homozygotes, as from.

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Although the estimates of the viabilities of the t/t homozygotes are not very accurate, they are all relatively high.

After germination ceased (always within 4 weeks), viabilities of the remaining ungerminated seeds were tested with a tetrazolium staining procedure.

The loss of one ren alone does not alter viability but double mutants are lethal.

Neither is viable without the other and both require careful management to lớn ensure that their viability is perpetuated.

Rarity of homozygotes is often interpreted to lớn mean that homozygosity interferes with viability.

In our opinion, 23 weeks should be considered the threshold of viability.

The creation of independent financial structures made a significant contribution to lớn the viability of the emergent institutional church.

Distributional questions are also important in determining the political viability of policy choice.

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The paper discusses how other policy tools, such as taxes and fees, can be difficult to lớn implement and can reduce the economic viability of agriculture.

The influence of female presence on egg viability was, however, insignificant since ovipositing females had been subjected to lớn a single complete uninterrupted mating.

Physical interference had a negative impact on both fecundity and egg viability.

Thus, the higher levels of fecundity and percent egg viability could be a possible result of repeated matings with higher quality males in the group.

There is an interdependence between our international obligations, our political aims, our economic policies, our economic viabilities and our defence policy.

Will he consider the other tidal estuaries whose viabilities have now been affected by the sharp rise in oil prices?

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