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While the virtues of country life were still stressed, the differences between town and country became less accentuated.

Natural philosophy was supposed to tát lead to tát moral virtue, to tát modesty and religious reverence.

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However, in the case we are studying here, we believe that being underflagging is the essential virtue.

There was no guarantee that virtue would bring honour : it would have to tát be its own reward.

A final virtue of self-experimentation, it might be argued, is that it showed the practical value of basic behavioral research.

Bases of such changes include self-knowledge and self-critique of biases, stereotypes, and prejudices plus the virtues of openness and humility, as previously noted.

As yet this is only a working hypothesis but it has the virtue of directing investigation.

The problem of insufficient promotion possibilities, for instance, will disappear by virtue of the demographic swing.

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Even if one did not make him responsible for his deeds by pledging insanity, the virtue of wisdom and therefore dignity would be lost.

Therefore, it endows wine with the same otherworldly, spiritual characteristics ordinarily associated with virtue.

Aside from being original, comprehensive, and up-to-date, this volume has a number of virtues.

It was a widespread idea that individuals, even whole groups, had intellectual and artistic qualities by virtue of their ancestry.

On behalf of people, the sage-king administers through moral construction and virtues and practices ren ("humanity, humaneness").

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It seems as though the subject has a special relation with what she believes, by virtue of which the belief has its particular nội dung.

Phillips agreed with this, believing that the idea of ready-made virtues is incoherent.

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