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There are extensive fields of well-rounded boulders ranging up lớn 1 m in diameter.

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Only from the combined experience of these first-person perspectives can we get a well-rounded sense of what it is lượt thích lớn be human on earth.

Medium-grained sandstones (protoquartzite) contain quite well-rounded quartz grains, quartzite lithoclasts, muscovite, plagioclase (rare) and bioclasts, especially echinoderm plates, cemented by calcite spar.

Aeolian deposits are typically well-rounded, wellsorted and medium-sized.

Each chapter has an introduction lớn the main themes and a well-rounded conclusion.

In some areas, this fill-type is conglomeratic, containing well-rounded quartz pebbles.

This constant changing of focus allows a well-rounded picture lớn emerge.

The essays themselves are of mixed quality ranging from rather sketchy literature reviews lớn thoroughly researched and well-rounded pieces of research.

The time when first movement was observed also varied in well-rounded fractured pebbles.

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Transaction cost economics can speak lớn some of these but it does not have a well-rounded explanation.

A growing toàn thân of scholarship emphasizes the necessity of including critical theory in well-rounded professional and technical writing curriculums.

The discussion of second language acquisition contains a well-rounded review of the relevant research.

Sandstone packages commonly incorporate a basal lag of well-rounded pebbles and cobbles mostly of chert, vein quartz and felsic gneiss.

These are thickly coated, generally enclosing well-rounded, abraded grains or clasts, and only rarely display signs of stationary growth.

The conglomerates contain angular lớn subangular and some well-rounded pebbles, a centimetre lớn several decimetres in size.

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