zn(oh)2 + h2so4

Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) is an inorganic and highly viscous liquid compound and Zinc hydroxide is an inorganic natural mineral. Let us discuss the reactions of H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2.

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H2SO4 is a colorless acid that absorbs moisture from the air and is also known as oil of vitriol kept in a bottle of glass because of the high reactivity whereas, Zn(OH)2 is a white crystalline powder and amphoteric in nature with high solubility in acids lượt thích HCl and alkaline solutions with the mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of 3.053 g/cm3.

In this article, we are going đồ sộ take a look at the following sections enthalpies, conjugate pairs, products, and net ionic reaction with the type of reaction for H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2.

What is the product of H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2

Zinc sulphate (ZnSO4) and water (H2O) are the products of H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2.

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 = ZnSO4 + 2H2O

What type of reaction is H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 is a double replacement reaction as the dissociative ions present in the aqueous medium displace the ions of both reactants đồ sộ khuông the products.

How đồ sộ balance H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2

The equation is balanced by using the following steps

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 = ZnSO4 + 2H2O

  • Name each reactant and product with a specific alphabet lượt thích A, B, C, and D.
  • A H2SO4 + B Zn(OH)2 = C ZnSO4 + D 2H2O
  • Modify the atoms with suitable numbers.
  • H –> A,B,D  S –>A, C O –>A,B,C,D  Zn–>B,C
  • Multiply the coefficients with suitable numbers.
  • A=1, B = 1 ,C = 1 ,D = 2
  • Now, reduce the value of the lowest integer.
  • So, the final balanced equation is
  • H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 = ZnSO4 + 2H2O

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 titration

H2SO4 cannot be titrated with Zn(OH)2 because the product of the reaction is ZnSO4 which is an acid that increases the acidity of the solution. Due đồ sộ this, it is not possible đồ sộ calculate the unknown concentration of H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 and the endpoint of the solution.

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 net ionic equation

The net ionic reaction of H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 is

H+ + SO4- + Zn+ + OH  = Zn+ + SO4- + H+ + HO 

Following steps should be followed đồ sộ write the net ionic equation

  • Write the reaction with states.
  • H2SO4 (l) + Zn(OH)2 (s) = ZnSO4 (l) + 2H2O (l)
  • Splits the atoms into ions.
  • Thus the net ionic equation is –
  • H+ + SO4- + Zn+ + OH  = Zn+ + SO4- + H+ + HO 

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 conjugate pairs

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H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 has the following conjugate pairs–

  • H2SO4 conjugate acid has an HSO4- conjugate base after the deprotonation.
  •  Zn(OH)2 does not contain any conjugate pair as it is amphoteric in nature.

H2SO4 and Zn(OH)2 intermolecular forces

The intermolecular force present between H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 are –

  • Dipole-dipole interaction force and strong electrostatic force with intermolecular hydrogen bonds are the intermolecular forces present between the molecules of H2SO4.
  • Intermolecular hydrogen bonds with covalent bonds are the intermolecular forces of attraction present between the atoms of Zn(OH)2.

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 reaction enthalpy

The reaction enthalpy of H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 is -814 KJ/mole.

  • Enthalpy of formation of H2SO4 = -814 KJ/mole
  • Enthalpy of formation of  Zn(OH)2 = 0 KJ/mole
  • Reaction enthalpy = Enthalpy of formation of H2SO4  – Enthalpy of formation of Zn(OH)2
  • = -814 KJ/mole – 0 KJ/mole
  • = -814 KJ/mole

Is H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 a buffer solution

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 is not a buffer solution because Zn(OH)2 is amphoteric in nature which can make the buffer solution acidic or basic due đồ sộ which the pH of the solution does not specify the pH of the buffer solution.

Is H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 a complete reaction

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 is a complete reaction as the products are zinc sulfate (ZnSO4) and water (H2O), which is a complete complex of a chemical species and cannot react further đồ sộ make any other compound.

Is H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 an exothermic or endothermic reaction

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 is an exothermic reaction, it is because when H2SO4 is added đồ sộ Zn(OH)2 the process of bond dissociation takes place due đồ sộ the high reactivity of H2SO4 and this leads đồ sộ production of a large amount of heat which warms up the solution.

Is H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 a redox reaction

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 is not a redox reaction, because the oxidation states of reactants and products are the same throughout the reaction as there is no exchange of electrons and protons.

Is H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 a precipitation reaction

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 is not a precipitation reaction as the solubility of Zn(OH)2 is very high because of the covalent bonds present between them. Due đồ sộ this, it dissolves immediately as comes in tương tác with H2SO4 and does not khuông any precipitated salt.

Is H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 reversible or irreversible reaction

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 is an irreversible reaction as the product of the reaction- zinc sulfate is a complete complex of an inorganic chemical compound and cannot be reversed in the khuông of a reactant again.

Is H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 displacement reaction

H2SO4 + Zn(OH)2 is a double-displacement reaction as the dissociation of ions takes place in the reaction. Here, the respective ion H+ displaces the Zn+ ion đồ sộ khuông 2H2O (water), and the SO4- ion displaces the OH2- ion đồ sộ khuông ZnSO4 (zinc sulfate).

Double displacement reaction


H2SO4 can be used as a reagent for salt analysis and for refining petrol as well as for making fertilizers whereas, Zn(OH)2 can be used as an intermediate in the production of pigments and pesticides and an absorbing agent for medicinal purposes and for making huge bandages that stop the blood flow during injuries.

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